Mandarin 中文

“We are very excited by the opportunity offered in learning Mandarin at  NHEHS. Learning Mandarin Chinese is a valuable investment for the 21st century. Girls at NHEHS not only recognise China’s growing economy, but also the intellectual challenge posed by a language composed of pictograms and semi-phonetic ideograms. Learning Chinese will open a world of opportunity for you and a doorway to this fascinating and vibrant civilisation.” 

Lei Zheng, Head of Mandarin


Mandarin is offered to all students in Year 7 as a curriculum subject. Beginners start learning Pinyin, tones and radicals. Improvers (A minimum of one-year Mandarin learning), start with the GCSE Chinese Vol.1 textbook.


In Years 8 and 9, girls learn in the context of topics. Lessons are mainly delivered in Mandarin, maximizing the use of the target language. There is a strong emphasis on developing speaking skills, fluency, accuracy and pronunciation.


NHEHS Mandarin follows the Edexcel GCSE and in Years 10 and 11, girls will learn to understand and communicate with confidence in Mandarin. From the summer term of Year 10, girls have a weekly lesson with the native Chinese language assistant to prepare them for the speaking examination.


If Chinese is the subject for you, in Years 11 and 12, you can choose to learn Cambridge Pre-U Mandarin. The Pre-U course offers stimulating topics that are true reflections of China and Chinese-speaking world. The course has an emphasis on understanding modern history, literature, film and current affairs.


The Chinese department also takes Mandarin outside the classroom in a variety of ways;

  • Trip to China, touring and visiting our sister school (Beijing 80 High School)
  • HSBC Mandarin speaking competition
  • Chinese clubs (Film, Calligraphy and Cooking)
  • Trip to China town and the British Museum
  • Chinese Bridge competition
  • Host exchange students from our sister school in Beijing (Once every two years)



Furthermore, our close partnership with Beijing No.80 High school allow us to offer our girls opportunities for online collaboration and student exchanges. This community is often very eager to help you learn Chinese, and through engaging with them, you will have the ability to make a whole new group of friends.