At Notting Hill & Ealing,  the music department, with its reputation for excellent music making, lies right at the heart of the school.   Music is an academically strong department with a good number of pupils choosing  to study GCSE and A Level each year.  However, beyond this we offer a wide array of opportunities in performance through orchestras, choirs, ensembles and groups suitable for musicians of all abilities and a huge range of extra-curricular opportunities.


From Year 7 -9 music is part of the curriculum and we provide an exciting and engaging programme which allows all students to develop through listening, appraising, performing and composing music.  The curriculum is relevant and innovative, covering a wide range of musical styles and incorporating elements of music technology.  Performing is strongly encouraged, with a clear focus on ensemble music making within the class, to hone existing instrumental skills and also develop potential in new ones.  Discussion and debate are also encouraged, for, as well as being regarded as integral to the compositional process, they support the Department’s  aim to build confident, articulate and independent musicians.

Make the most of every opportunity to have a go at different instruments and join the orchestras and choirs – they are brilliant!

Shreya, Year 7

At GCSE, students are introduced to a wide range of musical genres and gain an increased aural awareness and analytical ability through listening to and appraising the course’s set works. Composition and performance portfolios are developed throughout the course and girls are offered many opportunities to showcase and refine their work through performance.  

At A Level, small classes provide the opportunity to pursue academic engagement whilst encouraging creativity within the practical elements.  Students begin to delve more deeply into historical context, with comparisons between set works and wider listening.  They complete compositions and work with school groups and ensembles in realising these.  Alongside this they continue to further develop their own performance skills, and compositions and performances are submitted as part of their coursework portfolio at the end of the two-year course.  

Extra- curricular

Outside of the classroom, we take great pride in an outstanding extra-curricular offer. More details here.

Tuition with Visiting Staff

A large number of girls have private tuition from our staff of specialist and highly qualified visiting music teachers.  More information is available from the Registrar or from the Music Department including details of costs and other arrangements.

List of Visiting Music Teachers

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Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are offered at 11+ and 16+ and our music scholars play an important part in the musical life of the school.  Students must meet the academic criteria for entry and pass the relevant academic tests and interviews as well as a music audition.  Application forms and further information can be found on our Admissions pages 

11+ music scholarship information

16+ music scholarships information

The Registrar, Miss Lauren Smith, will be happy to provide more information or talk you through the application process.  Please phone 020 8991 2165 or email