Studying physics gives us the ability to begin to understand the world around us. It helps us to comprehend everything from the smallest sub-atomic structure to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Physicists are fascinated by the way in which complex processes can be modelled and predicted, and by the simplicity of the rules which govern the way our world behaves.

Physics at NHEHS is a dynamic, innovative and expanding department. Our overarching aim is to ensure that girls are excited to come to lessons, and leave buzzing with enthusiasm. We are passionate about communicating the ways in which physics is fun and interesting, and showing there are so many different facets to the subject that there is definitely something for everyone.

Physics is taught as a separate science subject in Years 7, 8 and 9 and in Years 10 and 11 we prepare girls for the IGCSE qualification. For A Level we follow the Edexcel specification.

Our teaching is fun, engaging and interactive, and we encourage students to think from first principles and develop the ability to solve problems independently. Physics fosters the ability to think logically, reason from cause to effect, and work practically as well as understand theory. It is a popular subject with universities, who value the transferable skills students bring. Physics is also an popular subject with students at Notting Hill.

Outside the classroom, we are keen to promote the girls’ interest in physics beyond the curriculum. We attend lectures in central London, and also encourage students to attend UCL’s Friday night lecture series. Every two years we take a group of students to visit the LHC at the CERN facility in Geneva, which really serves to provide insight into what the life of a working physicist could be like. Our Da Vinci club lectures, for Year 10 and 11 students tackle topics from nuclear fusion and fission to the eventual fate of the universe. Students regularly take part in and win engineering competitions and awards such as the EES and Faraday.

Above all, we believe that physics is for everyone, and are eager to demonstrate to our students exactly what we love about the subject.