Helping Others

Each week a different form chooses a charity and raises money for it. Generally they choose charities with which they feel some kind of personal connection and they are hugely inventive and enthusiastic in working out ways to raise money. 

Just sending you all a huge thank you. Your brilliant donation will create so many smiles for brave children!

The Indee Rose Trust

There are cake sales, sales of new and nearly new clothes or accessories, sponsored events, games, raffles and dress-up or own-clothes days and many more. The highlight of each form’s charity week is their Friday Event.  These often secure the enthusiastic and good-tempered involvement of staff in anything from lunchtime  Karaoke to appearing as contestants in our very own NHEHS version of Blind Date. 

These activities and Friday Events are very much a part of day-to-day life at Notting Hill and our girls have a great deal of fun successfully raising money while at the same time focusing on something beyond their own immediate and personal concerns.

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