Big Sisters and Other Networks

Girls in the Sixth Form act as Big Sisters to girls in Year 7.  Big sisters provide practical help and advice on negotiating the first few weeks at a new school, acting as a friendly face and guide. 

Our Big Sisters enjoy and benefit from the relationship as much as the younger girls who are learning from a friend and mentor with first hand experience of day-to-day school life.  And of course, the younger girls look forward to the day when they too will be able to pass on their experiences.

Opportunities to meet girls in other year groups are also provided via the Vertical Group network for girls from Years 7-11 and the House system which involves the whole school.  Both are led by girls in Year 12 who relish the leadership opportunities they offer.  With regular meetings and lighthearted competition, these networks are invaluable in promoting informal support and advice across form and age groups.  After all, who better to share inside information than someone who has experienced something recently themselves?