Years 7 to 9

Your daughter’s Form Tutor and The Head of Lower School will be your key pastoral contacts throughout Years 7 and 8.  They will get to know your daughter well and help her successfully make the transition to senior school and settle in here at NHEHS.   

About half the girls who join us in Year 7 come from a range of maintained and independent schools and about half come from the NHEHS Junior School.  One of the best things about starting a new school is the chance to meet new people and make new friends and we organise form groups to help girls do this.  Those who are the only ones joining us from their last schools will be in a form group with someone else in the same situation so that no one feels left out.  We also take into account where our Year 7 girls live so that they will quickly meet girls with whom they can travel to and from school.

You and your daughter will get an opportunity to meet her Form Tutor and the Head of Lower School  at an informal evening held at the end of the summer term before your daughter joins us in September.  Thereafter, there are regular formal and informal parents’ evenings and a call to the school about any issue will be swiftly dealt with by your daughter’s Form Tutor, Head of Lower School or another member of the pastoral team.

Form Tutors meet their class twice a day at morning and afternoon registration as well as during the timetabled tutor periods and the Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education (PSHCEE) Programme.  In Year 7 particular emphasis is placed on helping your daughter to become more organised, make a wide circle of friends and take full advantage of the school’s extra-curricular opportunities.

The Head of Lower School continues to look after your daughter’s pastoral well-being in Year 8.  This means your daughter will have the advantage of someone charged with her pastoral care who knows her particularly well and will see her grow and develop during these two important first years at senior school.  In Year 9 there will be a new Head of Year who is particularly concerned to give help and support, not just in the day-to-day anxieties and crises of adolescent life, but advise your daughter when it comes to making important academic decisions such as choice of GCSE subjects.