Sport: In Focus – Year 8 Zoe on Football

The second of our PE department’s “In Focus” series featuring our pupils’ sports activities outside NHEHS focuses on keen footballer Zoe J from Year 8. “In Focus” is also shared on the PE department’s Instagram account and on the Sports Notice Board.

“Hi! I am Zoe J in Year 8! I am proud to play for Actonian’s LFC U13 team. Along with my team I train every Monday evening and play league matches on Saturdays. I play centre midfield and central defence.

What I enjoy most about playing for Actonians is the laughter my teammates and I have after every match, making a joke out of any situation. Over the years of playing with my teammates I have learnt that friendship and leadership is key to any successful team and trusting your fellow teammates is important. I have also learnt that being professional, staying focused, and being committed is important, as I am coming to the period of getting recruited by other teams such as Brentford and QPR. I would like a career that has something to do with sport because I enjoy it and have a real passion for it.”

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