Summer Concert Debuts Online!

On June 30th 2020, the Summer Concert was streamed live on YouTube for students, staff, family and friends to enjoy. The concert featured over 60 students from Years 7 to 13, performing either solo items or in one of our nine different ensembles, and was streamed to 600+ audience members! 

After weekly online rehearsals, each ensemble member recorded their part along to a guide track from the music department and sent them in to be stitched together into a virtual ensemble. This is a very different way of making music and we are proud of the girls for adapting to this new method and style. Instead of being the musician alone, they also took the roles of director, sound engineer and lighting technician to make the pieces in this concert successful!

As well as our ensembles, the concert featured stylish baroque solos from Shreya (Y9) and Grace (Y11), followed by Gen (Y9) providing us with a Brazilian flair on her guitar. Eleanor (Y9), Georgina  (Y12) and Stanzi (Y8) all sang wonderfully for us, taking us to the West End with songs from Les Miserables and Wicked alongside a pop song by Bruno Mars. 

A particular mention has to go to Izzy (Y12) and the acapella group ‘Tone Down For What’ – a student-run ensemble who put together their video of the Pentatonix version of ‘Hallelujah’ by rehearsing remotely themselves. This song featured impressive solos from Gwendolyn (Y7), Salem (Y8), Aditi (Y10) and Lewhat (Y9), who also provided rhythmic beatboxing!

Congratulations to all the performers who made this concert a wonderful celebration of music despite the distance between us all.

Some lovely comments were left during the YouTube stream of the concert which we would like to share with you:

‘Thanks for a marvellous concert everyone – true NHEHS spirit and invention.’

‘What a beautiful concert – well done girls!’

‘Amazing work – what a treat!’

‘This is awesome NHEHS!!!’


By Miss Dunne, Musician in Residence



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