Teachers Beware!

By Sofia Stidham, Year 10 Journalist Leaders

To all teachers who do not want their eardrums to burst, I would recommend staying out of the main hall on Monday 1st April. Why? Because house shout is taking place.

House shout has been a house event at NHEHS that has happened every year, even before I came to this school. As you know, there are 3 houses: Nightingale, Hepburn and Eliot (all named after inspirational women) and we all compete with each other to win the ultimate prize of house points in order to win the house cup. The house captains choose a hymn for each house as well as three songs that fit a set theme (this year it is the ‘noughties’). From the three songs that are chosen, the whole house will vote for one of those songs that they want to sing. We all have a few practises with our house before the house shout, but they all seem to go very quickly, and there are some dance moves you need to learn and sometimes harmonies too!

On the day of house shout, you are encouraged to wear face paint in your house colour and accessories, and everyone always looks as if they are going to war. When you enter the main hall when house shout is about to begin, your ears will begin to ring. Everyone in all three houses are screaming “N”, “H” or E” at the top of their lungs, and house shout hasn’t even started yet!

The house that sings first is picked out of a hat, and the tension builds as they do. Then when it is time to preform, you watch the other houses, and you either think: “We’re actually better than them” or We’re doomed”. Some houses tend to be better at the hymn, whilst others are better at the song, but it is the house that does well in both that wins.

All in all, house shout is a fun and iconic event that puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day. To everyone participating: good luck, and to all the people watching: good luck to you too.

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