“The Best School Trip of My Life” & 10/10 for Year 4 Trip!

By Aneesha Gupta, 4C

On Friday 22nd November 2019, Year 4 went on an extraordinary trip to the Science Museum and the Royal College of Music. I personally think this was the best trip of my life.

Firstly, we went to the Science Museum with my class and two extra teachers, Mr McLaughlin and Dr Raguz. I could not contain myself as Science is my favourite subject and I had never been to the Science Museum before! I was literally jumping with excitement.

We were given sheets to find information. We looked around Science City and the Clockmaker Gallery.

Next we went to the Royal College of Music.

It was a spectacular show where we learnt about sound and how it travels through sound waves. They played us some lovely music and showed us compression, rarefactions and vibrations using salt and a metal pad. It was amazing. The salt took many awesome shapes and the Rubens tube was outstanding. It was put on fire and was connected to music. Different flames burnt at different times. Then we connected two speakers together with a human chain. Finally, the show came to an end and we had to leave.

I would suggest this trip to the world. I enjoyed every second and would definitely go again with my family.

It was fun learning about frequency. It was the best day of my life, rated ten out of ten.


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