NHEHS at the GDST Day of Dance

By Sofia Stidham, Year 10 Journalist Leader

On Monday 10th December, some NHEHS girls who are part of the dance club at school went to the Pineapple Dance Studios to take part in the GDST Day of Dance. I asked one of the Year 10 girls, Alejandra, who attended the Day of Dance what she thought of it and what she did during the day.


What did you do?

 Alejandra: We went to the Pineapple Dance Studios, where each person did two workshops. I did Musical Theatre and Street dance workshops. Then we had to perform the routine that we practised during the workshops at the end.


What did you get out of the day?

 Alejandra: We got to try different styles of dance. One of the dances we got taught was to the opening number of Aladdin. We were taught the routine by a lady who performs in Aladdin the musical as one of the dancers.


Was there anything you learned that you can take forward and do regularly?

Alejandra: I learnt a new dance style, and I want to go back to the Pineapple Dance studios again and learn some more dance routines.


What was the biggest challenge?

Alejandra: Keeping up with the routine, normally it would take a whole day to learn it.


Any funny moments?

Alejandra: The lady who ran our second workshop had a cold, so she was not able to hear as well. She put on the music extremely loudly and didn’t even notice. She was very nice though.


What impressed you the most?

Alejandra: I was impressed by the fact that so many dance classes were running at the same time.


Click here for a video of our Year 9/10 girls’ performance 


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