The Return of House Music

By Grace K, Year 12 Music Rep

The annual House Music competition made its return on Thursday 1st July; a chance for students across the senior school to gain house points over a series of musical genres and categories, ranging from classical to pop. The heats were judged by the Year 12 music representatives including myself and Jaya E, the finals additionally judged alongside Dr Sheldon, chemistry teacher and cellist.

The competition this year was particularly prominent as it represented the return to live music within the school, following all the previous lockdown restrictions which had forced most concerts to be experienced virtually. This created a new dynamic within the performances, the players receiving a great amount of support from staff, students and friends that came to watch, including the appearance of the year 12 house captains. It felt incredibly special to be a part of, especially with the presence of a live audience who cheered for every single performance. 

Overall, there were 21 applicants from across the different year groups and houses, bringing about a wide variety of different music to the competition, including songs such as ‘Creep’ by Radiohead and pieces such as ‘Reverie’ by Debussy.

We were incredibly impressed with all the performances on the day, making the judging process quite challenging! After some careful deliberation with the other judges, the results in each category were as follows:


Classical and Musical Theatre: Grades 0-4:

Winner- Emma S (Nightingale)

Runner up- Annabelle T (Eliot)


Classical and Musical Theatre: Grades 5-7

Winner- Georgia C (Hepburn)

Runner up- Sophia D J (Eliot)


Classical and Musical Theatre: Grades 8+

Winner- Lily S (Eliot)

Runners up- Edith E (Eliot), Shivani P (Eliot)


Pop: Solo

Winner- Nairi C (Hepburn)

Runner up- Lily C (Eliot)


Pop: Group

Winner- Lewhat and Salem Y (Hepburn)


From the music reps:

Well done to everyone who signed up and took part! Thank you to those who came and supported the players. Thank you Dr Sheldon for judging the acts alongside us and for making the decision making process more manageable. Thank you Mr Aston and Ms Dunne for accompanying the performers.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you Ms Goodsell and Ms Le Brun for your support and guidance.


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