Three things about NHEHS that the prospectus can’t tell you

By Sofia Stidham, Year 10 Journalist Leader

Unfortunately, the school prospectus cannot fit everything about the school inside it, which is why I have decided to write about a few things which I think you should know about Notting Hill.

1.The food is amazing

If you have ever been a student (or teacher) at Notting Hill before, you will know that this statement is completely true! At break time you are given snacks such as: croissants, flapjacks, crisps, cereal bars, biscuits, fruit and more. As well as this, at break you can order a packed lunch that you can get if you want or have a lunchtime club at an earlier time.

Lunchtime is a very busy time in the dining hall as everyone is extremely hungry, but the food never disappoints! There are two main sides of the dining hall: the classic and the café. The classic side has a main and a vegetarian option with a dessert, whilst the café side has a main wok and a vegetarian wok, sometimes it has jacket potatoes and soup and it has some cakes as well. There is also a salad bar! My personal favourite is the chicken pie.

2. There are posters almost everywhere around the school


When you walk through the school, everywhere you turn there is a poster. Most of them promote events that are happening this term including competitions, charity events and clubs.

Each form chooses a charity to fundraise for and have a whole week to do it. On the Friday lunchtime of that week, there is a charity event that we have to organise and promote ourselves. Some past examples of charity events include: teacher vs student dodgeball, watching a film or TV show, karaoke and decorating cupcakes.

3. House events

There are three houses: Nightingale, Hepburn and Eliot. House events are held to get house points but you can also sign off your distinctions. The House University Challenge is coming up soon, but my favourite house event is the House Shout! This is when all members of all three houses gather in the hall to sing (or shout) a song according to a theme that they have practised as well as a hymn.

I asked a year 10 student about what she liked about the house shout, she stated, “House Shout is an innovative way to cultivate team spirit. It allows the students to participate in an event whilst learning sportsmanship and having fun.”


Watch this space – we will be revealing more things about NHEHS that you wouldn’t find in the prospectus.

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