Travel Bug

In June 2014  Daisy Bidault (Year 13)  won a GDST Travel Scholarship. Three or four of these are available each year and are fiercely competed for by sixthformers across all 26 GDST schools. Winners are awarded prizes up to £500 to help fund travel projects related to their intended university courses.

Daisy ‘s project involved travel to Central and South America to improve her Spanish and to work on some community projects. Her year of travelling has now come to an end and any day now she will be beginning her degree in Spanish and Chinese at Durham.

She wrote to tell us “I now feel that I’m going up to University with a renewed appetite for learning which, worn out from the stress that came with A-Levels, I wouldn’t have had last year. It wasn’t always easy but something that a friend from home reading Spanish at Manchester told me has made a big impact. She said ‘I’m learning about all these places in my uni books but you’re actually out there and experiencing them!”

I’d heard the cliché ‘catching the travel bug’ and I can’t say for sure where or when it happened but what I can say is that it is an actual thing! Having been home three months now, I’ve already started planning my next trip…”


Read about Daisy’s trip here

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