Tudor Times

Year 8 enjoyed a trip to Hampton Court Palace  to complement their studies of the Tudor Period. It was very atmospheric as we toured Henry VIII’s state apartments, taking in the Great Hall with its expansive tapestries on the walls and hammer and beam ceiling, all adorned with stag antlers. We saw the chapel where Henry and Catherine Parr were married, and got to marvel at the painted ceiling of this chapel, ornately decorated with golden orbs and the words Mon Dieu et Mon Droit.

We also enjoyed a warming roaring fire in Henry VIII’s royal kitchens, which would have been ready to roast large pieces of meat on spits, infused with herbs gathered from the grounds. As well as our Tudors focus we explored some of the later Georgian parts of the Palace including William and Mary’s more homely apartments and their chocolate kitchen.

A real highlight was the work shop led by a very charismatic Dan who explored the nature of evidence with us, culminating in investigating several artefacts found at and linked to Hampton Court Palace.  These included a small piece of crockery which  through careful deduction Hannah and Charlotte  correctly identified as part of a chamber pot.

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