Two Tates

Year 8 enjoyed an action-filled day out with the Art Department visiting Tate Modern, to see the Robert Rauschenberg exhibition, and Tate Britain, to see the Paul Nash exhibition. In between, they were able to relax and take in the views on the Thames from the Tate Boat.

The gallery visits were a chance for the girls to do research for our current unit on landscape and texture, for which they made drawings from the various artworks, collected materials for a future mixed media project, and wrote poems based on ‘found words’ they overheard in the galleries.

They learned a great deal about the very different ways the two artists’ work, with some preferring the more realistic war paintings and surreal works by Nash and others preferring the more experimental mixed media pieces by Rauschenberg. In the end, there was something for everyone and everyone enjoyed the day!

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