Visiting Music Teachers & Students Concert

Last night saw a collaboration between some of our visiting music teachers and their students to put together an enthusiastic and exciting concert.

After a series of solos from our staff, a series of joint numbers followed. 

Highlights included Flo performing her GCSE ensemble piece ‘Sull’aria’ from The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart with her teacher, Ms Harries, and a piano, violin, cello accompaniment.

Ms Rolfe-Johnson performed with three of her Year 10 students, Saira, Zoe and Ami singing both the Jazz standard ‘Blue Moon’ and the lilting ‘Evening Prayer’ from Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel and Grace, Lizzie and Chloe played pieces on the piano, collaborating with both student and teacher guitarists/bassists and drummers.  Students Grace and Lizzie performed with visiting teachers Ben, Helen and James (see video below). 

The night ended with Harmony Choir singing ‘Mercy’ by Duffy accompanied by bass, piano and drums.

A huge thank you to our amazing piano teacher Mr Janik who masterminded the evening and entertained us throughout.



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