Sixth form students of Politics and History have been to Washington DC.  This was certainly a fascinating time to visit Washington, with the city at the centre of the world’s attention. 

The trip began with a full day walking tour of all of the major monuments and memorials, enjoying stunning weather and learning a great deal. A particular highlight was being able to stand in the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lincoln Memorial. On subsequent days visits to important political centres such as the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court offered the opportunity to rub shoulders with real American politicians and helped to bring both the A Level history syllabus and the Government and Politics syllabus to life as both demand an understanding of how these institutions function.

There is such a range of museums in Washington DC that it is impossible to get bored. There were visits to the American History Museum, American Indian Museum and the Natural History Museum. Soaking up American culture at the Washington Nationals baseball game was a favourite moment for many – even if it was hard to understand who was winning and why!


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