Watch Out Lord Sugar!

Putting their leadership skills to the test, our six strong Head Girl Team (Phyllis, Rosie, Cameron, Sharuka, Francesca and Rinda), took part in an Apprentice style team challenge in Bath during the last weekend in September, in a special annual event organised by the GDST, the Young Leaders Conference.

During the three days, “Young Leaders” from across the 25 schools within the GDST listened to inspiring talks by female role models and in a task reminiscent of the popular entrepreneurial TV show, demonstrated their leadership skills by participating in an Apprentice style challenge. Split into groups with girls from other schools, the teams were tasked with devising a campaign for a charity using social media to raise awareness and produce a promotional video. And just as they do it on TV, the girls then had to prepare presentations to pitch their ideas to the charity and to the sponsors. All this in an extremely tight time frame!

“We had from Friday evening until Saturday evening to submit our campaign ideas and then on the Sunday morning, we actually pitched our ideas to the charity and also to potential sponsors” explains Cameron, Games Captain at NHEHS. “It was a really fast paced couple of days because there were so many elements to consider. We also had to find time to conduct market research in Bath”.

Phyllis, Deputy Head Girl added: “We very quickly learnt that we all had to pull together as a team. Tasks were allocated according to our skillsets; putting everyone in their strengths and working to each other’s strengths. We learnt how not to micromanage and how to respect everyone’s roles”.

A couple of the campaigns the girls devised included a #Tap4Tap app to enable Frank Water, a charity installing taps in villages within Nepal and India to easily receive donated funds and a #LeanOnMe campaign for the Rainbow Trust, a charity that raises funds for terminally ill children and their families, using the slogan “we can’t stop time but we can make the most of it”. The social media campaign included a competition asking entrants to take pictures of the people who they have felt supported them to capture the #LeanOnMe sentiment.

As part of the conference, the girls heard from Ann Daniels, one of the first women in history to reach the North and South Poles as part of an all woman team who has been described by The Daily Telegraph as one of the Top 20 Great British Adventurers of all time. They also heard from Ann Francke, CEO of the Chartered Management Institute who said:

“It’s vital we give young women the leadership skills they need early on to fulfil their own potential and unlock the potential in others. The reality of today’s workplace is that young women are faced with a `glass pyramid’ where men dominate the majority of senior roles. Equipping young women with confidence, resilience and the skills to lead, will help give the next generation of female leaders the chance to thrive and benefit from a more gender inclusive environment”.

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