Water Polo at NHEHS: Interview with U15 National Water Polo Finalist Mia

By Madeleine Taylor, Year 10 Journalist Leader

Ahead of the National Water Polo Finals later this month, we asked team member Mia all about her favourite sport.


Q: “How did you first get into playing water polo?” 

Mia: “When I was younger, around year three, I was first introduced to water polo here at NHEHS where we learnt the basics in our weekly swimming lessons. It wasn’t until the summer holidays when I really started to consider playing the sport on a competitive level after leaning the skills from my dad in Serbia. Now, I play for Ealing Water polo club after being pushed to do a trial session by one of the other year ten girls.’


Q: “What do you think of water polo at NHEHS?” 

Mia: “ Water polo is a great sport to get involved in at NHEHS because of the fact that it is great for team building and having fun whilst getting competitive with your friends. There are also tournaments to participate in against other schools which are a really good experience to have!”


Q: “Who is your water polo icon?”

Mia: “I would have to say the 2012 gold medal winner Maggie Steffens, she is amazingly talented in every game she plays.”


Q: “What can we do as a school to encourage more girls to try water polo?

Mia: “Just try it out! There are multiple water polo sessions a week run by Mr Bent the swimming teacher that you can go along to and try out playing with the team, new players are always welcome. Also, for those girls that feel passionately about the sport and want to try to improve their skills even further, come along to a session with Ealing Water polo as it is a great to meet more people and take your playing to the next level.”


So, for any budding water polo players who feel inspired to give it a try, Mr Bent runs water polo clubs after school. The sessions are on Mondays 3.45 – 5.15 pm, Tuesdays 5 – 6 pm and Thursdays 3.45 – 5.15 pm. There are three age groups – U13, U15 and U18, but NHEHS also swims competitively against other schools for Years 7, 8 and 9. We compete in the London league, London schools and English schools competitions as well as local fixtures with other schools.

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