What Could You Do With A Tenner?

By Li An Tan,  Year 10 Journalist Leader

This was the challenge presented to our Year 9s.

Groups were given £10 per person and in four weeks they had to make as much money as possible.

At the end of the four weeks they give back the Tenner with an extra £1 and get to keep the profit they made or, as often happens, give some of it to charity.


The Tenner Project is run by Young Enterprise which encourages entrepreneurial traits in young people.

This programme is a great way to help students develop key employable skills that they will use later on in life. It’s an incredible opportunity for young people to learn to run an enterprise for a few weeks as it differs vastly from activities normally found in the curriculum. Each year, girls in Year 9 take part in the challenge to raise as much money as possible.

This year, ideas have consisted of earrings, scrunchies, bath bombs, candles, clips, bags, face masks and even plants!

At Tuesday lunchtime they held a fair in the main hall to sell as much as possible. The room was filled with people wandering from brightly coloured table to table, each with an enthusiastic group of Year 9s desperately trying to sell their products behind it.

I was able to speak with some of these girls and talk to them about their experiences with the Tenner Project.

“I think it’s a really great experience to get young people to try something new. It requires you to be creative and hard working for the products to be successful.”, said one girl.

“It is a very fun challenge that I have enjoyed much more than I initially expected. It has definitely made me consider starting a business when I am older.”, explained another.

Last year the group Offrez-vouz won by making a profit of £312 in the four weeks.

They sold a range of items for e.g. bath salts, cookies, brownies, and Mother’s Day hampers.

We will see if any group this year is able to beat this impressive sum of money.


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