Why I Love Science

Why I Love Science by Sofia Stidham, Year 10 Journalist Leader

This week is science week at NHEHS. I love science, and I feel as though everyone else should too. But why? I asked some people in my year to find out why they love science as well:

“It’s so interesting to know how everything in the universe works.”

Science is an explanation. It can answer all of your questions and is proven to be true through experiments and research. It is a way of understanding yourself, the animals and the world around you.

“It is logical”

According to Google, ‘logic is essentially the study of reasoning or argumentation… It helps steer us toward the truth’. Scientists argue for their theories, and the theories steer us towards the truth, which means that science is logical. Logic is very important and is used in our day to day lives.

“Discoveries can be made every day because of science.”

Life changing cures are discovered every day, and they save lives. Things like vaccinations prevent us from getting particularly harmful diseases and antibiotics heal us. It will be incredibly helpful in the future too.

“It is fun, and it links to itself.”

If you are fascinated by a particular topic in science, it will be enjoyable to learn about it and you will want to learn more about it and study it. As well as this, science can be practical and exciting in the experiments that you can do.

“Once you’ve learnt the facts you can apply them in different ways to the world around you.”

To conclude, science may not solve all our problems, but it answers many questions that humans have and helps people suffer less.

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