Why should you care about sports?

By Raima Garodia, Year 10 Journalist Leader

According to research, only around forty percent of teenagers aged from thirteen to seventeen are involved in any sports activity, competitive or recreational.

Unfortunately, the majority of teenagers are being lured into ‘activities’ such as video games, social media surfing or surfing the web meaning the downward trend of lack of sport will continue. However, beyond the simple enjoyment of playing as a team or with friends, there are several other valid reasons to join a sport.

A common fact of playing a sport consistently is that it will make one healthier and control one’s weight. Playing sport releases endorphins which can change one’s mood entirely, boosting energy as well as promoting better sleep.

Sport can also help one make friends, strengthen friendships and also help focus and time management which can help when studying for GCSE’s, A-Levels or for general exams.

Team sports also help develop leadership skills. According to a study from Cornell University – “Participation in competitive youth sports ‘spills over’ to occupationally advantageous traits that persist across a person’s life.”

It is hard to fit exercise into our busy lifestyles so here are some top tips on how to fit sport into one’s everyday routine:

  • Find a sport you enjoy. This doesn’t have to be a traditional sport since NHEHS offers other options such as kickboxing, fencing, taekwondo and more. Recently, I started kickboxing with a friend during lunch breaks and have been enjoying it immensely.


  • If you don’t have time after school, you can find a sport you love within school hours.


  • One way to enjoy sports more is to bring a friend along. This way you can hang out with them as well as get healthy together.


  • Instead of sleeping in on your Saturday morning, a run around your local area can be as rewarding.


  • Getting healthy isn’t just about hitting the gym. Playing a team sport with friends can often be more fun than sweating it out alone in a gym.


And of course, don’t forget the large number of sport and dance clubs available before and after school and lunchtime at NHEHS!

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