Winning Design

The NHEHS team of six girls from Year 8 was victorious at the IET Faraday Challenge Day held at John Lyon School.

The Faraday Challenge Days give students the opportunity to research, design and provide solutions to genuine, tough engineering problems. The competition is supported by Bosch who send along engineers to give expert advice and guidance on the day.

This time teams from NHEHS, John Lyon and Whitefriars Schools were tasked by the Thorpe Park Engineering Team to design a new attraction for visitors of all ages to fit into the current site. The brief stipulated that the ride should suit everyone – including those who do not like the big rides and they were also tasked with designing and building, within budget, an actual working part of their design before presenting their work.

The NHEHS team explain:

“We decided to create a cat and mouse maze ride- called ‘The Chase’. It’s slightly similar to bumper cars. You have to drive the cat cart around the maze. But then adding a twist, you have to laser as many programmed mice as you can, which scurry all around the maze, and when you have come outside of the maze, it sums up your points. If you get over a certain number of points, you get a prize.

We designed a prototype of our cart using: white flexible cardboard; one potentiometer; one motor; three regular wooden wheels; one wooden pulley wheel; and an elastic band. We assembled these items, along with the basic crocodile clips etc, to create a cart in the form of a cat that can move by itself.

To win we all had to work together to make it happen, everyone had different roles and teamwork led to our success. It was great to win a trophy for the school, as well as each one of us receiving a £10 Amazon voucher! This competition was an opportunity to learn more about the world of engineering. Everyone definitely learned something new!”

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