World Kindness Day

We celebrated ‘World Kindness Day’ last week from the Junior School through to the Senior School.

Our Head Girl Team’s initiative gave all the girls the opportunity to actively think about those they care about.  They posted little messages of kindness all over school and encouraged girls to share their positive thoughts with their friends, classmates and teachers over the day. Many commented on how lovely it was to find random messages of kindness on top of their desks!

Each Friday at Senior School we focus on kindness with our ‘Cake at Break’ award for Years 7 and 8. Students nominate each other for acts of kindness and winners receive a certificate from our Head of Lower School plus a token to get a free snack and drink.

Kate Jane Neal’s ‘Words and Your Heart’ was our Junior school book earlier this year. Its key message of being aware of the impact of what we all say on others inspired some lovely words of kindness by our Juniors about their classmates, which were displayed on the walls leading up to the Junior School Hall. 

This year’s Junior School book is “All are Welcome” and all classes created their own visual displays on this theme.

You can see their creativity here or if you are visiting Junior School by the Hall! 


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