Year 10 Hold Annual Party for The Log Cabin

On 12th June we held our annual party for The Log Cabin, which was organised by the Year 10s. The girls arranged food and drinks as well as fun games. There were cookie decorating and crown making activities, plus games with hula-hoops and beanbags, music, pass the parcel and more!

Both the girls and the children from the Log Cabin thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and we received some lovely words from the Log Cabin afterwards, thanking us:

“The children absolutely loved pass the parcel, and many of them were left very excited. They loved making crowns and decorating biscuits and the bubbles were a great sensory touch for those children who find it difficult to engage. Some of the children especially adored the attention paid to them and Log Cabin staff were left impressed that the girls were able to follow child-directed activities and engage so well.”

We are looking forward to fund raising for The Log Cabin in September with our Staff & Parent team who will be running the Ealing Half Marathon at the end of September.

You can read more about our fundraising here.

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