Year 11 Raise £1,000+ for Women’s Aid

Many congrats to our Year 11s for raising in excess of £1,000 for Women’s Aid.

Their fundraising activities over the last month included an exciting rendition of “Would I Lie To You” which put two teams of teachers, compered by Dr Stark, to the cunning bluffing test with some interesting reveals! Team captains, Dr Pearce and Miss Cagnino were joined by panellists, Mr Rogers-Endersby, Ms Eastwood, Mrs Robertson, Dr Snook, Ms Motyer and Mr Shoults. The event was streamed and recorded so all girls could watch in their year ‘bubbles.’

The team also organised a Virtual Parents Quiz and packaged sweets each with a warm message which could be purchased and distributed to friends and colleagues.

Well done to all girls involved in this amazing effort. Year 10 next who have voted to support the Stephen Lawrence Foundation.

Year 10 have decided to support The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust over the coming weeks. The charity runs high impact programmes that inspire and enable young people from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds to succeed. As a year group they were passionate about the Black Lives Matter movement and this is one way in which they are trying to show their support

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