Year 5 Astronauts

This term Year 5’s integrated curriculum topic is “Journeys: To the Moon and Beyond” and so they took off for the Science Museum to ‘meet’ astronaut, Gene Cernan, who told them all about life in space. The stories about what it is really like to eat, drink and live in space, and even to walk on the Moon, enthralled us all and he responded so well to questions that it was easy to forget this was ‘just’ an actor and science educator in costume. We felt a sense of excitement and reality that was quite beyond our classroom experience!

The girls (and adults) were also excited to see Tim Peak’s actual spacecraft, even if it did look a little burnt. They also managed to fit in a 3D cinema experience depicting a journey into space on-board Apollo 10, complete with the sights and sounds, which left a few feeling quite sure that space travel was not for them!

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