Year 5s beat Year 10s in k’nex Challenge!

Last Thursday morning, NHEHS Year 5s teamed up with 25 pupils from North Ealing Primary School and 32 from Selborne Primary School to take up a k’nex Challenge run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) as part of their programme to raise awareness about careers and study options in engineering.

The Year 5s were put into teams mixed from the different schools and tasked with building k’nex cars only using elastic bands to power them. Rickardo from the EDT challenged them to find out whose car could travel the furthest, in the straightest line and which had the best design.

The Juniors had lots of fun using their creativity and the results were pretty impressive, with the winning Year 5 car (over 6 metres!) out-performing the winning Year 10 car from the afternoon session!

The EDT ran another workshop in the afternoon for NHEHS Year 10s and set a similar car design challenge, but this time with more restrictions on design.  


After school, Rickardo delivered an excellent lecture about and careers and routes into engineering , as well as opportunities particularly for women in engineering for girls from Years 7-13.

Thank you to the EDT for coming in to speak to us and helping us unleash our inner engineer!


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