Year 6 Build & Program Lego Robots!

By Kara Potts and Gaia Nikolov, Year 6

On Wednesday 15th January, Year 6 took part in a Robotics Workshop where we learnt how to build and program a Lego robot.

First, we were given an introduction to the workshop and we were shown an example of what the robot should look like once we had finished building it.

Before we started, we named our robot Rubert and then constructed him using the instructions provided in the box. This part was our favourite part because, as we started to build the different parts of Rubert, it started to really take shape.

We then moved on to the third part of our workshop.

We used a laptop to program our robot so that he could move around obstacles and finish at a given target. It took us 12 times to get Rubert on the target and we were then allowed to pass the ‘driving test’. Once we had finished this task, there were a number of different challenges to complete, ranging from saving scientists to getting barrels in a storage area. We decided to try the one where we had to push a satellite to a target.

When the workshop had finished, we had to deconstruct Rubert and put him back in the box.

We all had a great day!

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