Year 7 & 8s Design and Model Upcycled Fashions at Annual Charity Fashion Show

By Kira & Kiani, Art Reps

On 21st June, the Year 12 Art Representatives held the NHEHS Annual Fashion Show.

They decided the theme would be ‘Upcycling’ due to its growing significance in the school and today’s world.

Therefore, they challenged the Year 7s and 8s to design and create an outfit by reusing materials. Although, the designing of the dresses and raising the profile of art in the school are big parts of the Fashion Show, what is really special about this event is its ability to raise lots of money for charity.

This year, Year 12 chose to support Kidney Cancer UK and the Ella Fosbury-Hill Fund – two charities which are very close to the hearts of this year group.

All years participated in making the set design which was inspired by recycling and the sanctity of the earth’s natural environment. The set was very impressive and helped inspire the girls to light up the catwalk in their creations.

As with every Fashion Show we have held, we were again honoured to invite back alumnae and special guests to judge the designs.

Upcycling model Fashion ShowThis year from the alumnae we invited Antonia Krakowski who is currently a Group Fashion Editor for the Express group of Newspapers and Magazines and Phoebe Syms who is a Marketing Executive at River Island. As well as our guest judges, Sally West has worked as a childrenswear designer for Monsoon and Popsi Kundi who currently works in the Chiswick Auction House in charge of the Fashion Department. Having these inspirational women really meant a lot to us and inspired the girls.

Thank you to both Mrs Fisher-Black and Ms Cagnino as well as the Caretaking Team for making this event possible.

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