Year 7 Sum Up NHEHS In Three Words

By Li An Tan, Year 10 Journalist Leader

Now that the Year 7s are settled into life here at NHEHS, we wanted to ask them their impressions of school life, so we asked them how they would sum up NHEHS in three words.

“Overwhelming, exciting and new” said a year 7. “Everything is so big, but the teachers are really nice and helpful,” she continued to say. “I was a bit scared at first as I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone was really kind.” Others described the school as:

“Colossal, unique and interesting”

“Big, fun and welcoming”

“Challenging, incredible and motivating”

“Enthusiastic, eventful and friendly”

Almost all of the students who were asked, commented on the friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the school (or on the magnitude of the building), and how their first impressions of NHEHS had been very positive and exciting.

“I think the teachers are very inspirational and try hard to make lessons fun,” said another Year 7. “We are always being encouraged to join extra-curricular activities from a wide range of clubs.”

One common theme that I picked up on was how the school was a little intimidating to begin with. It can be a bit of a shock to come to a new school with so many more pupils, often with diverse backgrounds and experiences. However, these changes make going to a new school more exciting, and the school really is a very friendly environment which will soon feel like a new home.

Many students were also impressed by the number of clubs and extracurricular activities that are available. These activities range from music to sports, and even a Mindfulness club! I hope that all the new students take advantage of the many opportunities available to them at NHEHS.

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