Year 9 Film Music Oscars

In the Summer Term, Year 9 Music students compose their own film music together with their own original film. This culminates in our own version of The Oscars in July. 


The following prizes were awarded: 


Special Commendation:

For storyline creativity: Pooja, Ellora, Alice and Olympia’s film ‘The Love Affair’

(Miss Dunne understood all the Love Island references even if Miss Goodsell was oblivious!)



Winner ‘Best cinematography’: Naina and Hannah’s ‘Excellent project’ 

Winner ‘Best Music’: Alice, Melisa and Lina’s ‘Children’s Intelligence Agency’

Winner: ‘Overall best film’ and ‘people’s choice award’- Angelina and Chloe ‘Tea for Two’ 


Congratulations to all the Year 9s who took up the creative challenge!

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